'Fall-back' dwelling


Proposed 'fall-back' dwelling


Kings Nympton, Devon


Mr & Mrs Bouldin




Approx. £750k

This proposed new dwelling utilises the previous Class Q prior approval for the conversion of the existing barn, as a lever to achieve a new dwelling on the site. 

The proposed dwelling seeks to provide betterment on the approved Class Q dwelling, both aesthetically and environmentally. The proposed dwelling will utilise energy efficient and sustainable materials throughout, from the use of slate roofing tiles, tanalised timber cladding and a green roof, to the use of a ground source heat pump, no dig insulated foundation system and isotex reconstituted timber blocks. There is also plans in place for a rainwater harvesting system to feed into washing machines and for the flushing of toilets in the proposed dwelling. 

The proposals also include a new access track, garage and workshop and a newly created woodland to the south of the site, complete with a wildlife pond to provide a net bio diversity gain on site.

Works are due to start on site summer 2021.