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Morris Architectural Design assist Prism Ag in first UK collaboration with

Galebreaker Agri

Morris Architectural Design have recently partnered with Prism Ag in becoming the first UK Architectural practice and planning consultant to collaborate with Galebreaker Agri, specialists in ventilation and weather protection of livestock housing.

We recently assisted Prism Ag in producing the planning drawings for a proposed agricultural building, in which we utilised Galebreaker Agri CAD blocks for their specific product design. Tom Warren, Director of Prism Ag approached Galebreaker and requested the CAD blocks, the first time Galebreaker had received such a request in over 30 years of trading. 

Andrew Gardner, Technical Director at Galebreaker Agri said of the move “It just makes sense that others can use the same data in producing drawings for planning, customer representations and structural detail drawings. Accuracy of design data at all levels just streamlines the process for the customer and everyone involved with a project".

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