Single storey rear extension


Single storey rear extension




Private residential client




Approx. £55k

This project was a long time in the making. A lengthy and drawn out process including; an initial planning application being refused, a list of objections as long as your arm, a subsequent Certificate of Lawful and Proposed Use, numerous ‘arguments’ with various planning officer's, and a final application to amend the materials of the approved CLPUD, we finally got there in the end. Hard work and determination pay off.

The client initially wanted to extend the full length of the boundary, linking their existing garage to the main house with a stepped extension to replace the existing uPVC conservatory. However, after the initial planning application was refused without prior warning or correspondence and due to problematic neighbours, it was decided we needed to take a more disciplined route to get what the client wanted. Back to the drawing board (or laptop) we went.

We had confirmed with the local authority that timber cladding could be deemed a material ‘similar to the existing dwelling’ and as such we decided to submit a Certificate of Lawful and Proposed Use or Development (CLPUD) however upon encountering inconsistencies between planning officers’ opinions we have to revise the materials to brick in order to get the CLPUD approved. We then had to submit a further householder application with the brick swapped for vertical cedar cladding which was eventually approved by the local authority.

We then produced full construction drawings for the works and secured building regulations approval for our client before helping to source a competent local contractor to carry out the works.

Landscaping works are due to be completed summer 2021.