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Highridge Farm
Proposed fall-back dwelling

Fall back success in North Devon!

Morris Architectural Design have recently obtained full planning permission for the conversion of an agricultural barn to form a new dwelling in North Devon, utilising the 'fall-back' argument. 

The existing barn had prior approval to be converted into a dwelling under Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order. However not only are the regulations surrounding Class Q barn conversions very restrictive, they also require the development to be completed within three years of permission being granted, with the existing permission requiring the applicants to have completed the barn conversion by April 2022, a very tall order. 

Utilising the 'fall-back' argument we were able to obtain full planning permission for the change of use which allowed us to include some design features and extensions beyond the existing building envelope which Class Q wouldn't have allowed. The other obvious benefit of obtaining full planning permission is that the development now only needs to be started within three years of the new decision date, and in doing so would secure the permission for perpetuity. 

The proposed dwelling seeks to provide betterment on the approved Class Q dwelling, both aesthetically and environmentally. The proposed dwelling will utilise energy efficient and sustainable materials throughout, from the use of slate roofing tiles, tanalised timber cladding and a green roof, to the use of a ground source heat pump, no dig insulated foundation system and isotex reconstituted timber blocks. There is also plans in place for a rainwater harvesting system to feed into washing machines and for the flushing of toilets in the proposed dwelling. 

The proposals also include a new access track, garage and workshop and a newly created woodland to the south of the site, complete with a wildlife pond to provide a bio diversity net gain on site.

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